How does fixed wireless Internet service work?

A small antenna with an attached radio receiver/transmitter is installed on the building roof. This antenna is pointed at one of our nearby access points. When you send and receive information over the Internet, it goes over the wireless link from the radio/antenna to our access point. From there that information travels over our “Back Haul” which is a point to point wireless link to our fiber-optic connection. From there the information travels out onto the Internet.

What are your coverage areas?

Please see the wireless Internet coverage area page for full coverage information and our coverage map.

What is a site survey?

A site survey helps us determine if the signal distributed from our towers can be received at your business location at a good signal strength level. Scheduling a site survey with us does not obligate you to purchase our services. It helps us determine if you have the necessary “line of sight” to get the fastest service possible.

Is a Vectus wireless communications link a good redundant solution?

Vectus offers the best redundant solution available because Vectus bypasses the telephone or Cable company’s equipment; your connection leaves your building and goes directly to the Internet avoiding any problems on the street or in the ground.

What kind of customer service and service monitoring does Vectus provide?

Vectus monitors all systems and devices within the network 24 x 7, with alarms for any and all units via visual, e-mail and paging alerts, so that we can immediately respond to any service related issues. In addition, our technical staff is available during normal business hours to answer any service related questions you may have.

How long will it take to set up service with Vectus?

We can typically have service installed within several days of placing an order and having a signed contract.

Can I change my Internet connection bandwidth?

Vectus has engineered the network to allow for great flexibility and scalability. Bandwidth can be changed depending on the type of provisioned circuit. If the circuit allows, bandwidth can be turned up the same day.

If bandwidth from other Internet Service Providers is not available in my building, can I still get Fixed Wireless Internet Service?

Absolutely. Vectus’ technology bypasses all fiber, copper and cable services to the customer so we are not limited by existing landline infrastructure. And because of our extensive coverage area, Vectus can provide service where other providers cannot.

Can I use VoIP (Voice over IP) with your service?

Yes. VoIP works exceptionally well with our wireless Internet technology. In fact, most of our customers rely on our Wireless Broadband to support their VoIP initiatives.

What is the difference between Vectus’ Wireless and cable Internet?

Cable’s quality of service depends on the number of users on the network. A cable connection will slow down as the number of users on the network increases. Because Vectus provides a dedicated connection, we can guarantee throughput to our customers.

Is fixed wireless service the same as Wi-Fi?

No. While our service may utilize some of the same frequencies used by Wi-Fi, the technologies used by our wireless Internet network are optimized to provide higher speeds and much more reliable service.

Does the weather affect wireless Internet Connections?

While precipitation does affect wireless signals somewhat, we factor in worst possible case signal loss when we engineer your connection to insure uninterrpted service no matter what.

How much does Wireless Internet service cost?

Vectus offers a variety of services to suit your business needs and budget. Pricing varies depending on the services you choose. Please contact a sales representative who will work to provide a tailored product for your specific requirements.

Are Wireless Internet connections secure?

The technologies we have chosen to use in our network rely on industry standard encryption protocols and are highly secure. In addition, software encryption is employed on all data transfers. Further, typical WiFi and consumer grade wireless Internet equipment is not capable of intercepting or receiving our signals.

I only need Internet service for a few days. Can Vectus help me?

Absolutely. We have cost effective plans to provide high-speed Internet Access for temporary events. Please contact our Sales Department for details and pricing.

What is wireless high speed internet?

Wireless high speed Internet is exactly what it sounds like. Reliable, fast and stable Internet connectivity (Vectus can deliver up to 1Gbps) is delivered wirelessly with the use the use of antennas and microwave technology instead of expensive wires or cables.

What is Fixed Wireless?

Fixed wireless (or Fixed Wireless Internet) is the use of wireless antennas or systems to connect two or more fixed locations (buildings, radio towers etc) with a radio (microwave) or other wireless link.

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Temporary Internet

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