Microwave Internet Service

Microwave Internet provides a better solution than T1, EoC, and even fiber. Speeds up to 1 Gigabit. Ultra-low latency.

Licensed Band Microwave Internet

Licensed Microwave Band Internet access provides the ultimate in reliability and speed for Business Internet Services.

Unlicensed Band Microwave Internet

Unlicensed Microwave Band Internet access is the most cost effective way to provide Internet connectivity for your business needs.

As one of California’s leading providers of fixed wireless Internet services, Vectus can deliver robust, dependable and price-effective broadband solutions, with symmetrical or asymmetrical Internet connectivity, where others simply can’t. Microwave Internet services are optimized for mission-critical applications like voice, video and cloud-heavy applications.

Why Fixed Microwave Internet Service?

  • Availability – remote or rural area locations that lack fiber (FiOS), DSL or cable lines can still enjoy high-speed Internet access via microwave signals.
  • Signal Quality – microwave Internet service offer extremely low latency and speeds that surpass even fiber – making it perfect for cloud-heavy applications or VoIP systems.
  • Guaranteed bandwidth – Symmetrical or asymmetrical bandwidth guaranteed by a Service Level Agreement (SLA) makes sure you get the Internet bandwidth you are paying for.
  • 24/7 Monitoring and Support – Vectus network is remotely managed and monitored 24/7 by the Vectus Network Operations Center (NOC) team.

Equipment and Setup

Fixed wireless microwave broadband is transmitted from communication towers that send and receives (microwave) signals from the subscriber’s location (ie your business location). Subscribers install a small antenna / dish on their building to communicate with the fixed wireless communication tower.

microwave internet service