Wireless Gigabit Internet

Fixed Wireless Internet provides a better solution than T1, copper, and even fiber. Speeds up to 1 Gigabit. Ultra-low latency.

Licensed Band

Licensed Microwave Band Internet access provides the ultimate in reliability and speed for Business Internet Services.

Unlicensed Band

Unlicensed Microwave Band Internet access is the most cost effective way to provide Internet connectivity for your business needs.

Vectus offer dedicated and secure business Internet and broadband services at a lower cost than traditional ISPs. Vectus has developed a Fixed Wireless Internet Network with a gigabit capacity covering most of Southern California. With the use of advanced microwave technology Vectus does not rely on any local exchange carriers and service can be available without any existing wired infrastructure (check availability for details). When you get Vectus business Internet service, you connect direct to a very reliable and redundant wireless infrastructure.